We are Nic Sport, a thriving company in sports and apparels. Our goal is to design and manufacture high quality and most comfortable sportswear for all generations.
Our mission is to bring out the inner athlete in everyone, to unleash their peak performance in any sports and activities with relentless pursuit of innovation in fabric technology.

where style meets performance



How We Began?

Our team of enthusiasts started with the idea of making lightweight and stretchable t-shirt, that wicks off moisture faster during heavy sweat. a shirt that provides instant cooling during the hot weather, whilst being lightweight and comfortable to wear.


What Motivates Us?

throughout the years, while many brands are improving their fabrics, however it comes with the increasing costs of research and development, sportswear had become a luxury instead of an essential item for everyone. this drives us to do everything possible to lower the costs by creating the best of both worlds; stylish yet fabric at an affordable price.


Our Business Model

We are the sole manufacturer of each line of products we promote in our website. Thus by cutting any middle-man profits and expensive retail stores, we can lower our margins and cut all the extra operating costs.
Thru the reductions, we are able to provide the perfect apparels that’s highly durable, stretchable and retain its colors for a lifetime of use.